About us

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The Project

This project has started from Badminton Enthusiasts from both sides - Ukraine and UK. Being involved in different projects within Ukraine and the UK led to find out how can we help to support athletes, their families and coaches in their fight, not just for their country but for their badminton future.

From Ukraine

Max Sydorenko, sports journalist, badminton blogger and commentator, IT entrepreneur.
Since 2018, Max has been covering badminton-related news for Ukrainian and international audiences. In 2021, he worked as a commentator and European Championships and Tokyo Olympics.

"Since the very first day of the Russian invasion, I do everything to share the truth about the war and people who need the support. This initiative is all about the support and future of Ukrainian badminton. I do believe that there is no free world without Ukraine, there is no happy badminton family without Ukraine. Let's make a better future happen!".

From the UK

Stefan Ljutkanov, badminton coach, entrepreneur and innovator. 
Stefan has been involved in badminton from very early age. First as a player and later as a coach. 
He has coached internationally in Denmark, Germany and Bulgaria. 

"When I saw that the war started, I was in shock. I reached out to help and see what can we do. Thankfull there are a lot of people willing to help and keep the Ukrainian badminton alive.

Badminton England has been extremely supportive of the idea and I do believe there is a great future for Ukrainian badminton within the UK. "